lunes, 28 de abril de 2014


Hi, mi name is Strider Spinel, and basically, what i would like to share with you in a new game in a personal series. but just before, a little bit of history to move forward.

i'm a visual artist living here in México, almost at finish college i found that i wated to make games a as a body of work... this started when the photographic materials like photosensitive paper and film became very expensive, so i borrowed a video camera from a friend and recorded my friends and colleagues in front of a green velvet surface making moves and punches, and using mugen, six months later i had a pretty strange game, ia fighter (ia stands for "INSTITUTO DE ARTES", Art Institute, 芸術学校 ).

the game, altough bad, was kind of a hit between the comunity in the school, and some years later, i released a sequel, ia fighter2.

some thing improved, but it's still, and to this day, not a very good game, but at least a very funny one, from some perspectives.

around five years ago, i started my master's degree here in mexico and my investigation-production project was a new entry in the series, ia fighter5 (3 and 4 are other things, not precisely games)

just last friday i got my master's degree, the game is complete and uses the new mugen engine and 3d prerendered models for the fighters... it was such a task, but i wanted to share it with you, because as i know, and is evident, you share a great passion for fighting games too.

i hope you like it. HERE'S A TRAILER



So... i think you have an idea now about what i want to do with ef-12.

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014


Si ha seguido este blog con detenimiento, se lo agradecemos por que quizás no creimos que alguien se tomara la molestia de leerlo... ha pasado mucho en estos cuatro años, y básicamente hoy, con mi titulo, se acaba este periodo, este ciclo, este capitulo... la obra es para siempre, y en gran medida, de todos... seguiremos trabajando, ya no en este espacio, en otros, que se abriran en breve, y esperamos verlo por allá, pronto.


Así es, como se supone que pa' estas horas ya hice mi examen, y por tanto ya no tengo ataduras legales, aquí les comparto, POR FIN:


completito y en descarga desde MEGA:!Kw5ARS7D!LUDrch3ShsKDPJ3YLaxUtQ