lunes, 28 de abril de 2014


Hi, mi name is Strider Spinel, and basically, what i would like to share with you in a new game in a personal series. but just before, a little bit of history to move forward.

i'm a visual artist living here in México, almost at finish college i found that i wated to make games a as a body of work... this started when the photographic materials like photosensitive paper and film became very expensive, so i borrowed a video camera from a friend and recorded my friends and colleagues in front of a green velvet surface making moves and punches, and using mugen, six months later i had a pretty strange game, ia fighter (ia stands for "INSTITUTO DE ARTES", Art Institute, 芸術学校 ).

the game, altough bad, was kind of a hit between the comunity in the school, and some years later, i released a sequel, ia fighter2.

some thing improved, but it's still, and to this day, not a very good game, but at least a very funny one, from some perspectives.

around five years ago, i started my master's degree here in mexico and my investigation-production project was a new entry in the series, ia fighter5 (3 and 4 are other things, not precisely games)

just last friday i got my master's degree, the game is complete and uses the new mugen engine and 3d prerendered models for the fighters... it was such a task, but i wanted to share it with you, because as i know, and is evident, you share a great passion for fighting games too.

i hope you like it. HERE'S A TRAILER



So... i think you have an idea now about what i want to do with ef-12.

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