lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


"Daat fills the rooms with precious things." "The rooms" are the chambers of the heart, the emotions of the soul (as alluded to by the word cheder, "room," which is an acronym for chesed din rachamim, the three primary emotions of the soul). The inner consciousness of Daat fills these rooms and enlivens them as does the soul to the body. In the Zohar, this level of Daat is referred to as "the key that includes six." The "key" of Daat opens all six chambers (attributes) of the heart and fills them with lifeforce. Each of these six chambers, when filled with Daat, is referred to as a particular dei'ah ("attitude," from the root of Daat) of the soul.
es muy triste que esta sublime perfección no se haya mantenido

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